What we do

In our work in recent years, we have paid special attention to education, especially education of clients and professionals in the field of public relations, management and corporate governance.
Event management
When we organize events for our clients or for ourselves, we strive to use the utmost creativity, innovation and effectiveness of every little detail.
Visual communications
The visual communications portfolio showcases ideas that have helped create successful products. It shows the process of communication between the client and the user, between the product and the market.
Market and public opinion research
The best way to find out the key information for starting a new venture is to do a good market and public opinion analysis.
Public Relations
Through PR, as a special management function, we help our clients establish and maintain common principles of communication, understanding, acceptance and collaboration between them and the public.
Web design
The aesthetic atmosphere is what every visitor first experiences on every site and that is what sets the atmosphere.
PRIME Digital
Prime Digital, a division of PRIME Communications Agency, which has been active since the beginning of 2011, is responsible for developing an online communication strategy for companies and their brands.


Through partnerships with other agencies and consultants, we can provide our services to the markets of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.