From the very beginning, since 2013, PRIME Communications has been the proud PR partner of conference. 

This year’s conference was held on May 25th and 26th in Porto Montenegro, Tivat. is one of the largest regional conferences on Online Business, marketing and business innovation, organized every year since 2013. as part of the corporate social responsibility strategy of Domain.ME, the company in charge of the national domain of Montenegro – .ME. From the very beginning, the mission of was to improve the quality of life of people in Southeast Europe by raising awareness of the opportunities offered by the Internet and new technologies through education, increased competitiveness, and networking opportunities.




The 5th season of Podravka’s Lino Višebojac in Bosnia and Herzegovina

By handing out symbolic checks to schools that have been declared the most successful hosts of Lino Višebojac and gifts to the best participants of the entire competition, the fifth season of Lino Višebojac in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2018/2019 has ended, with eight schools from six cities across Bosnia and Herzegovina participating. The competition part of the fifth season of Lino Višebojac in Bosnia and Herzegovina, organized by Podravka and Sportske Novosti, started on March 29th at the elementary school “Sveti Franjo” in Tuzla, and ended on May 15th with Lino Višebojac at the elementary school “Ivan Goran Kovačić” in Livno. 

PRIME Communications has participated in the preparation and implementation of the project, from obtaining approval and patronage support from competent and relevant institutions, through project presentations in elementary schools to engage them, to Lino Višebojac in schools across Bosnia and Herzegovina.





UNICEF in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The collaboration between UNICEF in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the agency PRIME Communications has already become traditional. Although they say that the strength of agencies is measured by the number of new clients, we firmly believe that a much more relevant indicator is the quality of the service delivered and the continued cooperation with “old” clients.

PRIME Communications with UNICEF in Bosnia and Herzegovina will continue collaboration in the new contractual period until the end of 2020 and be in charge of communications support: online communication, media relations, media monitoring and analysis, production of media and multimedia content, promotional materials, and support for other UNICEF communication activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Business Manager Forum 2019.

“Digital transformation is a continuous process that is not always easy, but without which business in the world is no longer possible,” was one of the key messages delivered by keynote speaker Dragana Đermanović, in front of almost 300 participants, during the second day of the Fifth Business Manager Forum in Bijeljina 2019.

During the second day, the participants had the opportunity to listen and participate in two-panel discussions, where their experiences were shared by prominent public and private sector experts from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

PRIME Communications was in charge of media relations and event management.

Coca-Cola Youth Empowered Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2019

The Coca-Cola Youth Empowered Project is a program initiated by Coca-Cola HBC B-H Sarajevo that recognizes, develops, empowers and motivates young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the third consecutive year, making them more competitive in the labor market.

For the third year in a row, we are part of this great story.

For Coca-Cola HBC BH Sarajevo we carry out the project and are in charge of all activities (overall project and event management), including defining the project partners, selection of lecturers, training format, contracting partnerships, online communication, relationships with all stakeholders, and providing technical and logistical support.