Support for Donor Network BiH (pro bono)

Nearly 15 years have passed since the agency’s first initiative to assist this association. Over the past four years, support for the work of the Donor Network has been provided through consulting key personnel of the Association, media relations consulting, social media engagement consulting, an adaptation of promotional materials, and consulting for production and participation in material preparation. PRIME Communications proposes a change to the Association’s trademark and logo, which needs to be approved by the Board of Directors.

The agency provides administrative support in collecting, processing, and distributing donor cards for the Association.

Production of materials for promoting vocational education in the Republic of Srpska

The continuation of the project supported by GiZ to strengthen and promote vocational education meant a new engagement for PRIME Communications. The agency prepared and carried out the entire production, including the visual identity for the materials, scripts for each video, coordinating details such as dates and locations, and conducting filming, subtitling, production, and preparation of the final products.

During the implementation of the contract, more than 10 videos were produced aimed at promoting in-demand professions. Playlist:

The architecture, structure, and content for the website were designed and prepared:

The realization of several events was supported, including the founding assembly of regional councils and two-day conferences, as well as other activities aimed at improving vocational education in the Republic of Srpska. The project was completed in December 2022.

Strategy for anti-corruption teams

PRIME Communications was selected through a tender issued by OSCE in BiH to analyze existing relevant documents and data collected through research and capacity assessment studies and develop public relations strategies for anti-corruption teams in BiH.

Through a series of consultative sessions that included an educational component on public relations and trends in the field, as well as consultations with media representatives and non-governmental organization representatives, the draft strategy was defined, taking into account the structure of the strategy and the opportunities it should highlight for the teams. We ensured that the developed PR strategies align with the needs and capacities of the anti-corruption teams and comply with existing laws, regulations, and relevant legal acts, decisions, and policies.

Raise the Bar – a new direction in Coca-Cola’s socially responsible youth empowerment program

Managing Coca-Cola’s socially responsible projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the youth empowerment program being an important part, is among the favorite projects of the PRIME Communications team. Raise the Bar is a new component of the program focused on final-year high school students from hospitality and tourism schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The aim of the project is to provide additional education and skills that students can master to become more competitive in the job market. Team communication and entrepreneurship are the main topics of focus for Raise the Bar BiH in 2022.

The project was implemented in 12 schools from seven Bosnian-Herzegovinian cantons, involving 391 students through 13 workshops held from September to November 2022.

Responsible disposal of waste and recycling towards a world without waste

Coca-Cola is one step closer to its global mission and long-term comprehensive plan – a World without waste.

Coca-Cola’s second edition of the project in Bosnia and Herzegovina, From the source to the sea, was realized, and more than 500 volunteers participated in the five actions organized in 2022. They collected more than five tons of waste in less than a month. The realization of this year’s project From Source to Sea began with the collection of packaging waste in Sarajevo – along Miljacka near Vilsonovo and towards Velešići. Afterwards, Dr. Mladen Stojanović Park and the Suturije picnic area in Banja Luka, the Džemal Bijedić University campus in Mostar, the Kamberović field, along the Bosna river in Zenica, and the Veliko polje in Igman were cleaned, and the project From source to sea in BiH 2022 was completed. Instructions and necessary equipment for waste collection were also provided for all …

Video production for the #StopHate #NoToHate campaign

During the conference dedicated to the civil space in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the PRIME Communications team, in support of the event, was engaged in recording video messages against hate speech with the participants for the purposes of the campaign #ZaustaviMržnju #NoToHate.

UN conference: Civic space is necessary for the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Photo: Imrana Kapetanovic

“Cohesion, coordination and solidarity in civil space are key to strengthening advocacy towards solving key issues related to human rights in BiH society”, is the conclusion of the conference “Civic space in Bosnia and Herzegovina: overview of the situation and the way forward” organized by the UN, for which the agency provided PR support.

Focus group on heating methods and air quality in Sarajevo Canton

The World Bank conducted research using behavioral diagnostics on the obstacles to the transition of households to sustainable heating. This refers to modern, cleaner and more energy-efficient technologies, practices and investments, including government support programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially in Sarajevo Canton. The aim of this research is to identify the causes of obstacles surrounding the transition to sustainable heating technologies, as well as key attitudes, beliefs and preferences about air quality and energy efficiency. The agency PRIME Communications was engaged to prepare a guide for focus groups in cooperation with the World Bank team, determine the sample, recruit participants and organize, moderate the focus groups and prepare the report.

The return of the PROACTIVE conference: Education and lifelong learning are the basis of the future of public relations

The role and responsibility of the PR practice of the future is to initiate and influence changes, but also to act towards social changes.

The education of communication professionals must be aligned with digital transformation, employer branding, the profession’s responsibility for populism and populism in political communication, cooperation with the media – traditional and new, but also media ownership and numerous other topics were the focus of the PROACTIVE 2022 conference, held in Jahorina from May 27 to 28. At the conference, the following contributed through lectures, panels and PROACTIVE world cafe workshops: prof. Dr. Dejan Verčić, prof. Dr. Ana Tkalec Verčić, prof. Dr. Alenka Jelen, prof. Dr. Asim Mujkić, prof. PhD Žaneta Trajkoska, PhD Dragana Đermanović, Vladimir Vulić, Voja Žanetić, Miloš Čirič, Robert Čoban, PhD Nela Kačmarčik, prof. Dr. Danijela Lalić, prof. Dr. Damir Jugo, Miloš Đajić, Jelena Kalinić, Šejla Ramović, Ksenija Renko, Pedja Ašanin Gole, Drenislav Žekić, Nejla …