Research about diversification

PRIME Communications, in collaboration with SEEDEV, a consulting firm with broad expertise in rural development based in Belgrade, has developed a research methodology for a highly complex UNDP project in Bosnia and Herzegovina focused on diversification. The research methodology includes multiple levels of stakeholders, questionnaires, and testing methods. The project aimed to assess the readiness of the rural population to diversify their activities, the existence of a conducive environment to support diversification, and the knowledge and willingness to acquire new skills that would enable them to embark on new ventures. Through discussions with institutional representatives, the project also aimed to determine whether there is appropriate legal regulation and overall institutional support for diversification. The project was conducted through desk analysis, field research involving 1,000 individuals from rural areas, five focus groups (entrepreneurs and institutions), and in-depth interviews with decision-makers from institutions.

Knowledge is the most important reward: PROACTIVE 2023 held in May at Jahorina

One of the most important educational projects of PRIME Communications agency – the regional public relations conference PROACTIVE 2023 was successfully held this year as well. The three-day event took place at the Rajska Dolina hotel at Jahorina and brought together practitioners from the communication field in corporations, institutions, media professionals, as well as management and human resources representatives from the entire region.

Public relations among countries are becoming increasingly important, while traditional diplomacy is becoming a thing of the past. Listening to each other more for mutual benefit and learning and sharing knowledge are prerequisites for progress, and these were some of the messages that marked this year’s PROACTIVE.

“We have opened many important questions, learned and discussed various topics, and the most important conclusion is that we must take responsibility for our profession, its ethics, the impact our practice has, and the impact it should make – in order …

Podravka’s new CSR project for hospitality high schools

For our client Podravka in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we worked on implementing the project “Supporting Hospitality Schools and Future Chefs.” Thanks to Podravka’s donation of 30,000 KM, we identified 10 schools with equipment deficits, and Podravka BiH provided funds for renovating their practical training kitchens. The school administrations decided to purchase items such as kitchens, ovens, utensils, ingredients, and more to provide their students with better working conditions and opportunities for advancement in their future careers.

We didn’t forget about other hospitality schools either, and they received donations of Podravka products to facilitate their culinary practices. It was a pleasure to collaborate with the school principals and witness their enthusiasm for the donations, while also assisting Podravka BiH in responsibly investing in education, sustainable development, and promoting the economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We presented to the media the new business segment of EOS Matrix in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Our agency organized meetings between the management of EOS Matrix in Bosnia and Herzegovina and media representatives, where the company and its new real estate business segment were introduced. EOS BiH belongs to the EOS Group, a member of the Otto Group. The EOS Group is a leading international provider of financial services, offering customer-oriented solutions. EOS MATRIX BiH currently employs over 70 people across its sectors and provides its services throughout the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the media gathering in May 2023, Petar Mrkonjić, the Director of EOS Matrix, presented the company’s business results from the previous year and revealed that the company had invested 70 million BAM through its activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

With Podravka at the economy fair in Mostar

Once again, PRIME Communications provided PR support to Podravka BiH at the economy fair in Mostar. The delegation of distinguished guests, led by Dalfina Bošnjak, the director of Mostar Fair, included the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia, Andrej Plenković, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, the Chair of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Borjana Krišto, the President of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lidija Bradara, the Vice-Chair of the House of Peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the President of the Croatian National Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dragan Čović. After the official opening of the fair, as in previous years, they visited Podravka’s exhibition space.

Coca-Cola Youth Support Project in BiH is available again

Since 2017, PRIME Communications has been implementing the Coca-Cola Youth Support Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project is aimed at young people aged 18 to 35, with the goal of providing them with support, especially for the unemployed, to improve their knowledge, competencies, and skills.

The new cycle of education is designed for all young individuals who wish to acquire additional knowledge and skills through the Leap Summit platform.

The program is now available with just a few clicks and consists of three online modules covering the following topics: Time Management, Mental Health, and Business Negotiation.

We have ensured top-notch speakers from the fields of economics and psychology who will deliver important knowledge to young people through three modules, each lasting 45 minutes.

Support for mentoring programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The mentoring program in Bosnia and Herzegovina is supported by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) through partnerships with local institutional partners, and the project is ongoing throughout 2023 and continues into 2024. In the Republic of Srpska, the partner is the Development Agency of the Republic of Srpska, while in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the partners are the Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship, and Crafts, along with the support of the Sarajevo Development Agency (SERDA).

JICA has engaged PRIME Communications to produce various communication materials and leverage their expertise to ensure that mentoring in Bosnia and Herzegovina is recognized as a form of non-financial support and service that empowers and strengthens small and medium-sized enterprises.

With inputs from local partners and the Japan International Cooperation Agency, we have mapped successful examples of mentoring from previous cycles, engaged in discussions about the process and outcomes, and created several video …

The podcast series “Nauka Govori” (Science Speaks) captured the hearts of listeners

PRIME Communications agency designed, produced, and distributed four episodes of the podcast series “Nauka Govori” for the Society for the Promotion of Natural Sciences “Nauka i svijet.” The project aims to popularize science and increase scientific literacy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, sharing the same language. The podcasts featured experts, scientists, and students discussing topics such as vaccination, women’s participation in science, carbon footprint reduction, and more. The podcast was published on the YouTube channel of the Society for the Promotion of Natural Sciences “Nauka i svijet” (Science and the World) and their Facebook page. It was also broadcasted as part of the educational program by seven TV stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and one radio station. The total number of views on the YouTube channel exceeded 24,000, while each episode on Facebook had 30,000 views.

The podcast is available on the following platforms:





Apple …

We assisted in “Connecting the Dots”

The NGO “Naša djeca” (Our Children) engaged us to help them devise the promotion of an important project called “Connecting the Dots” within a short timeframe and with limited resources. This project focuses on the rights of children in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which are often overlooked by those who should ensure them. Therefore, 18 groups of children and youth conducted research in their communities, selecting topics related to the right to quality education for all, mental health protection for children, and meaningful use of free time.

We proposed and produced four Q&A sessions on children’s rights, involving the children and youth participating in the project and experts in early growth and development, digital marketing, and child and youth protection. Additionally, we implemented a TikTok campaign and prepared numerous short video materials suitable for distribution on Instagram and TikTok.

Link to the Q&A sessions: